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Going outside the country for interior design influence

Posted by John Niles // September 26, 2018

Community Real Estate is always looking for new ideas and inspiration when trying to renovate our homes. Sometimes we find that the best way to uncover new initiatives is to go outside the county, the state and sometimes the country. In Mongolian Properties Blog, we find beautiful fresh interior designs that represent what we here […]

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Real Estate Agent or No Real Estate Agent??

Posted by John Niles // September 26, 2018

by Katherine Grote | I am a licensed real estate agent, but also am part of our family investment company.  This means I get to look at each deal through two sets of glasses and argue different points of deals with my husband and the rest of our team.  That makes for fun times, let me tell […]

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6 Ways To Update A Historic Home

Posted by John Niles // November 17, 2017

Historic homes are a blessing and a burden when it comes to home renovations. Here are 6 ways to approach a historic home improvement. June 20, 2015|   Cate Morgan-Harlow Many people feel that historic homes offer an intangible authentic quality that modern homes simply can’t achieve. But how do you decorate a historic home […]

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