Historic Neighborhoods Winning Our Hearts

Historic Neighborhoods Winning Our Hearts

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We love the historic districts in West Palm Beach! And so should you!

The Historic transitional neighborhood of Old Northwood. Northwood Village, is a must see, it’s a hidden Palm Beach shopping mecca with trendy stores and free parking (where else can you find that)! You can spend the day walking in and out of the unique boutiques, eating at a restaurants that represent different corners of the globe or popping your head into one of the many galleries. Northwood is a fabulous place for the trend setter but if you are looking for something a little more upscale then El Cid may be the historic district for you.

El Cid, historic and a prestigious neighborhood within walking distance to downtown and the waterfront. Taking a stroll through these mature tree streets allows for viewings of the impressive period architecture and charming character. Don’t fall too much in love though, these homes are closer to the 1M dollar range and above. If you are looking for something a little more affordable but still a great place to raise a family then Flamingo Park might be what you are looking for.

The friendliest of historic neighborhoods, Flamingo Park. Just entering the neighborhood you feel at home and relaxed. Everyone has a smile on and waves as you go by. Located just a few blocks south of Cityplace and downtown West Palm Beach, the Flamingo Park historic district is noted for its many fully-restored historic houses, mostly built in the 1920s through 1940s. Flamingo Park will invite you into their home with the annual holiday-themed tour, hosted by the non-profit Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association. It is widely regarded as one of the finest home tours in the region.

We absolutely love what each of these unique historic districts have to offer. Not only are these great reasons to visit and even live in the historic districts of West Palm Beach but the area is only improving. Keep your eyes and ears open for the new and upcoming Dixie Highway project. A proposal to create a hot spot of restaurants, store fronts, residential homes and public parks! A pedestrian haven with City Place and downtown just a short distance away. The revitalization of South Dixie would surely make Flamingo Park an ideal place to put down roots. The convenience and excitement of being apart of the growth of West Palm Beach and it’s fantastic historic neighborhoods is what draws us among many others to the Flamingo Park and surrounding area.

We at Community Real Estate Solutions support the progress of any development to strengthen our neighborhoods and bring a new sense of energy to the area.








*Renderings of the proposed development on South Dixie, just south of Belvedere


If you are as interested in the proposed developments on the South Dixie highway as we are then you can visit http://www.3111southdixie.com/developer and read a letter from the developer and http://www.3111southdixie.com/ to watch the promotional video.

If you have any more information about the project or other developments on the Belvedere South Dixie stretch we would love to hear about them in the comment box below! Help us spread the word about this amazing neighborhood and you must come see it for yourself!


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